Soteria Offers Comprehensive Information Security Services Based On Proven Methodologies And A Team Of Highly Qualified Professionals

Your digital assets are your lifeline!  With the ever-increasing threat of a network breach, data theft or more general  Internet cyber crime, prudence demands vigilance in protecting these assets.  Soteria’s team of network security experts can assist by performing periodic audits and threat assessments of your technology resources for areas of weakness and vulnerabilities.  We run network assessments to identify vulnerabilities in your infrastructure in order to make your networks safer.


Soteria Security Associates employs some of the smartest security analyst and engineers in the country to help keep your networks safe. We also use some of the most sophisticated tools in the industry to detect and thwart attacks. We can remedy most of your intrusions by sending in our Cyber Swat Team to clean hard drives, reload software and re-stage the computers from a valid back-up.

The security landscape is rapidly evolving.

Leverage our cyber security consulting services to protect your business from cyber threats. With Soteria’s experts on your side, your company has never been more secure.

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Soteria and Ironscales Anti-Phishing Solutions

Soteria Security Associates and IronScales team up to offer some of the most effective solutions to combat Phishing emails and CyberAttacks. We use both human and machine learning to identify, flag and claw-back malicious emails. We have developed 4 modules that deploy on a common platform. These modules are IronSchool, IronTraps, Federation and IronSights.