We can remedy most of your intrusions by sending in our Cyber Swat Team to clean hard drives, reload software, and re-stage your computers from a valid back up.

Malware is malious software that is planted on a computer with its sole purpose being to damage or disable computers and computer networks. We would make sure that your endpoint software is in place and up-to-date. Both malware software and a robust antivirus programs should be loaded and kept up-to-date.

Phishing emails are malious emails that are designed to look like legitimate emails. When opened these emails create a back door on the infected computer and replicate the virus across the network.

The best way to combat this is by periodically training your employees to consistantly identify these Phishing emails as malious and not open them.

Ransomware is exactly as it sounds, the intruder takes control of your entire network, all computers at all locations and all applications and demands a ransom in order to normalize your business. In many cases companies are forced to pay the ransom in order to remain in business.

To avoid having to pay the ransom companies must have a bullet proof business continuity plan which includes verified back-ups are maintained. This way as a worst case scenario we could send in our Cyber Swat team to wipe hard drives, reload operating systems and program and reload the data from reliable back-ups.

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