Soteria’s Security Blanket is an annual agreement that ensures that your Cybersecurtiy defenses are constantly being monitored and upgraded. For an annual fee we will preform quarterly assessments to ensure that the latest patches and updates have been implemented.

As a result of our assessment we will present our finding and recommendations to senior management. The client can either have thier own internal Information Technology department implement the recommendations or we can provide you will a cost to implement all or part of these recommendations.

The benefits of Soteria’s security blanket:

  1. Mitigation of all items found in your initial security assessment
    Quarterly security posture reviews
    Mitigation against on-going threats
    Priority support line
    Continuous assessment of your security posture

Network assessments involve detailed testing and analysis of the client’s network and the systems that are on that network. The goal of the testing and analysis is to identify weak spots and vulnerabilities that require updating or remediation.

Soteria’s Cybersecurity experts utilize a suite of cutting-edge tools and techniques designed to discover these vulnerabilities before they cause interruptions to your business activities.

Soteria leverages a series of security tests to assess the security posture of a client network. Amongst the many tests we perform, we leverage penetration testing tools, software inventory tools, and patch revision review to form a baseline assessment of a client’s security posture. Once our suite of testing is complete, we will compile and analyze all of the data, culminating in a final findings report which will be reviewed with the client.

Soteria Security Associates employs some of the smartest security analyst and engineers in the country to help keep your networks safe. We also use some of the most sophisticated tools in the industry to detect and thwart attacks. We can remedy most of your intrusions by sending in our Cyber Swat Team to clean hard drives, reload software and re-stage the computers from a valid back-up.

An architecture review focuses upon the design of the client’s Network.  The review evaluates how the network has been designed and deployed, the type of security devices within the overall architecture and the level of controls in place.  The goal is to identify any misconfigurations or missing pieces that may pose a thereat to the overall security of the network.

A strong, well-written network security and incident response policy is paramount in ensuring the security of the network. Soteria can assist by reviewing any existing policies and suggesting corrections or additions, or by writing a new set of policies. Additionally, policies can be reviewed or analyzed via Q&A, effectively testing employees’ knowledge of and compliance with existing policies.

In addition. Soteria can assist in reviewing or creating a robust Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for your business. In the event of a disaster, the BCP is key to ensuring the survival of your business.

Application security Testing focuses upon the security of custom software programs running on a client’s network.  The goal of the testing is to evaluate whether or not the controls put in place to limit users’ access to data are effective and proper, and to ensure that the applications have been hardened against external threats.

It is extremely important to have the proper technology in place to detect and mitigate threats. Often times these threats can go undetected until they have infected the entire network. Good threat detection systems will not only detect the threat but will mirror its traffic to a security analyst and if it is determined to be a malicious it will turn the traffic back upon itself and the attacker. Rapid detection and response is critical to any Cybersecurity profile.

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